Race: Blacks
British, short for Golliwogg, a stuffed doll that mimicked Blacks. Recently was dropped (ref) as the logo used on jars of Robertson's jams and marmalades.

Race: Indians
British Imperialists commonly referred to Indians as a "WOG" since they were commonly used as security, it stood for "Warden on Guard".

Race: Asians
Abbreviation of either "White-", "Westernised-" or "Worthy-Oriental Gentleman." Originally intended as a term denoting respect. In common use, however, it became a term of abuse/denigration.

Race: Greeks
Originated from the cheap labour sent to Australia to work on Government project in return for citizenship back around the 1940-1960's. Workers Of the Goverenment was printed on the back of their coveralls. Made popular by the movie "The Wog Boy"