Slur Represents Reason & Origins
Anchor Baby Mexicans Children of parents who crossed the border illegally; A reference to their adulthood. At that time, they will be able to become the family "anchor" to legally bring in the rest of the family.
Blue collar Mexicans Many illegal immigrants take manual labor jobs.
BMW Mexicans "Big Mexican Woman (or Women)" - applied to heavy or obese Hispanic women.
Border Bandit Mexicans A Mexican who has crossed the border illegally. Also a "BB"
Bracero Mexicans Spanish term for a Mexican migrant worker
Brown Tractor Mexicans They sometimes do work tractors might normally be used for.
Canned Labor Mexicans Origin Unknown, Afri(can), Mexi(can), Etc. Labor
Carnie Mexicans A lot of mexicans are carnies.
Chalupa Mexicans The popular Mexican food dish
Cheech Mexicans Famous Mexican Cheech Marin
Chili Choker Mexicans A term used in one of the Cheech & Chong movies
Cholo Mexicans A term used to refer to Mexican gangsters.
Chuco Mexicans Laredo Used to describe gang bangers. Comes from the word Pachuco
Chunt Mexicans Comes from 'chuntaro' meaning bad-dressed Mexican
Clown-Car Mexicans Used to describe the overcrowded vehicles of migrant workers.
Corn Mexicans From Mexi-Corn, from Southern California reference to Mexicans picking corn or other produce.
DampBack Mexicans Part Mexican, not quite wet.
Dirty Sanchez Mexicans Common hispanic name.
Fence Fairy Mexicans Reference to border crossing.
Fence-Hopper Mexicans Mexicans hopping fences to get into the U.S.
Fesskin Mexicans Fuckin' messkin (mexican)
Field Rat Mexicans Working in Migrant Fields
FOB Mexicans Fresh over the Border
FOF Mexicans Fresh Over the Fence. Refrence to crossing the border from Mexico to US.
Four Footer Mexicans Ususally used when referring to illegal immigrant workers. "I'm gonna go down to 7-11 tomorrow morning, to pick up a four-footer." Because mexicans are short.
Gordita Mexicans Comes from the Taco Bell food. Means "large" or "fat" in Spanish.
Grasshopper Mexicans They jump fences like grasshoppers
Greaser Mexicans Used as early as the battle of the Alamo in 1836.
Jumping Bean Mexicans Jumping beans are popular among Mexicans.
Killer Bee Mexicans Refers to the fact that like the insect, they too have been migrating out of Mexico into Texas.
Landscaper Mexicans Mexicans do a lot of landscaping. Similar to "landscraper."
Lawnmower Mexicans A large portion of the landscapers are Mexican/Hispanic.
Lubricano Mexicans Variant of greaser.
Manuel Labor Mexicans Mexicans residing in the United States are used predominantly for manual labor. Manuel is a common hispanic name.
Mexcrement Mexicans Obvious combination of "Mexican" and "excrement"
Mexi-Ho's Mexicans Term to describe Mexican girls who get pregnant at an early age.
Mexican't Mexicans Based on the stereotype that Mexicans are lazy.
Migger Mexicans Mexicans/Hispanics who act black.
Miguel Mexicans Stereotypical name for Mexicans
Mo Mexicans Acronym for Mexican Orderly: Used in jails to refer to mexican trustees.
Modern Farm Equipment Mexicans Many Mexicans work in agriculture today. Evolved from the "Antique Farm Equipment" slur for Blacks.
Mudslide Mexicans What a jailbreak of Mexicans looks like.
Olympican Mexicans From the joke "Why are there no Mexicans in the olympics? Because every Mexican who can run, jump, or swim is in this country!"
Pachuco Mexicans A gang of Mexicans living in California in the 1940s
Pool-digger Mexicans Another reference to the manual labor many of them do in the States.
Potato Mexicans A Mexican-American that has lost their heritage. Brown on the outside; White on the inside.
River Nigger Mexicans Self-explanatory
Roach Mexicans They "infest" places
Roadblock Mexicans Called this because some have a tendency to travel slow, pacing one another on the freeway not allowing anyone else to pass. Mostly a Texas term, though it may be heard in any other of the 'border' states.
Scrap Mexicans Slur used by Mexican gang members to degrade other members.
Soak Mexicans Much like a wetback, when they cross the Rio Grande river their backs get soaked.
Spicaninny Mexicans Young Mexican girls. Combination form of Spic and Picaninny.
Spicet Fence Mexicans 10 mexicans lined up side by side at the border.
Spread Mexicans They continue "spreading" across the United States.
Taco Jockey Mexicans Self-explanatory
Tex-mex Mexicans A person of hispanic lineage, hopefully Mexican, that is from Texas.
Texican Mexicans Brown texans, usually illegal and doing drywall work. Technically: a Hispanic-American that lives in Texas
Tire-Hugger Mexicans Method used to cross Rio Grande, floating on inner tubes and tires.
Tonk Mexicans Illegal Mexican immigrants. "Tonk" is the sound that is made when the illegals are hit over the head with the large flashlights/batons that the US border patrolmen carry.
Triathlete Mexicans Mexicans that can run, jump, or swim are already in the US.
Vato Mexicans Originates from Chicano slang. In Spanish it means "guy". Can be compared with "dude".
Wadie Mexicans The Rio Grande is so shallow now that illegals just have to wade across.
Wetback Mexicans Comes from "Operation Wetback", a military operation devised in 1954 to stop the onslaught of illegal aliens entering the United States, primarily from Mexico. The operation was soon abandoned in part because of outcry of Mexican-Americans who were angered by the racial profiling. More info
Wetvac Mexicans A play on wetback. Many Mexicans who have illegaly entered the country take cleaning jobs.