mixed races

Slur Represents Reason & Origins
Beaner Shnitzel Mixed Races German/Hispanic mix
Bink Mixed Races Black/Chinese Mix. Black person with Chinese or "Chink" blood
Black Bean Mixed Races Mexican/Black. Self Explanitory
Blackanese Mixed Races Black/Asian mix; from a line by Chris Tucker in Rush Hour 2
Blaxican Mixed Races Black/Mexican mix. Pioneered by the Black/Mexican hip-hop group "Delinquent Habits".
Blue/Blew Mixed Races Black/Jewish Mix.
Brass Ankle Mixed Races Refers to a person of black and white heritage who passes for a white person. Unsure of origins.
Bumblebee Mixed Races Black/Oriental couple or mixed child.
Calf Mixed Races White/Black mix. A child with a white mother and black father.
Canasian Mixed Races Canadian/Asian mix. Used in the US to describe annoying Asians that come down from Canada to shop.
Caramel Mixed Races Not chocolate, not vanilla, Caramel
Cascos Mixed Races White/Black mix. Describes the offspring of two mulattos. See: Mulatto.
Caublasian Mixed Races A caucasian, black, and asian person. Pronounced "Kuh-blasian" (example: Tiger Woods)
Chack Mixed Races Chinese/Black
Cheese Nip Mixed Races White/Japanese. Mix of Cracker and Nip
Chew Mixed Races Chinese/Jewish
Chex Mex Mixed Races Czech / Mexican
Chex Mix Mixed Races Chinese/Mexican
Chexican Mixed Races Mexican/Chinese mix
Chic Mixed Races Chinese/Mexican
Chinig Mixed Races Chinese/Black mix. Combination of 'Chink' and 'Nigger'
Chinkaboo Mixed Races Chinese/Black mix (Chink + Jigaboo)
Chinkamo Mixed Races Half Chinese/Half Inuit Eskimo
Chinxican Mixed Races Chinese/Mexican mix.
Chonkey Mixed Races Chinese/White
Chop Mixed Races Chinese/Italian. Chink + wop = chop.
Chromey Mixed Races Black/Whites mix. What the old-timers called them when I was a kid fifty years ago.
CJ Mixed Races Chinese/Jew
Cookies 'n Cream Mixed Races Black/White
Czigger Mixed Races Black Czechs
Dexican Mixed Races Dutch/Mexican mix.
Domino Mixed Races Black / White
Eggplant Parmesan Mixed Races Black/Italian mix
Flipper Mixed Races Fillipino/Black Mix. Combination of Flip and Nigger.
Flipsican Mixed Races Mexican Filipino
Graham Cracker Mixed Races White/Black mix or a light skinned black who acts white
Greek-arican Mixed Races Puerto Rican/Greek Mix. Common racial mix in NY city.
Green Bean Mixed Races Irish/Mexican mix
Half Baked Mixed Races Black/White mix.
Half Breed Mixed Races A person who is, for example, of both Black and White ancestry.
Half Cast Mixed Races Black/White
Halfrican Mixed Races Black/Any other race. Represents a person that is half African. Also: Halfrican American
Halfro Mixed Races White/Black Mixed Race
Halfula Mixed Races Black/White mix. Pronounced like "Dracula"
Heebarican Mixed Races Jewish/Puerto Rican mix
Heinz Mixed Races Any mix of races. From the label on the ketchup bottle reading "57 Varieties."
Indijew Mixed Races Native American/Jewish
Jagger Mixed Races Japanese / Nigger
Jewban Mixed Races Jewish/Cuban Mix.
Jewop Mixed Races Jewish/Italian mix (Jew+Wop).
Jewrab Mixed Races Jewish/Arabian mix.
Jewrican Mixed Races Jewish/Puerto Rican mix.
Jewronimo Mixed Races Jew/Native American mix (Geronimo)
Jewxican Mixed Races Jewish/Mexican mix.
Jigabrew Mixed Races Black/Jew mix (Jigaboo and Hebrew)
Jigger Mixed Races Jewish/Black mix. Jew + Nigger.
Jink Mixed Races Jewish/Chinese.
Juban Mixed Races Jewish/Cuban
Kink Mixed Races Half Jew, half Chinese (kike + chink)
Latte Mixed Races White and usually Mexican due to color of skin being similar to the coffee drink.
McChigger Mixed Races Irish/Chinese/African American mix
McKraut Mixed Races German/Irish person. Used in the Godfather trilogy.
McSpic Mixed Races Mixed race of Irish and Hispanics
McWop Mixed Races Irish/Italian, Mick and Wop, play on common Irish last names.
Mexicoon Mixed Races Mexican/Black mix.
Mexijew Mixed Races Mexican/Jewish mix.
Meximese Mixed Races Mexican/Vietnamese
Milano Mixed Races Black/White mix. In reference to the cookie.
Mongrel Mixed Races When dogs of two different breeds, breed. The offspring is called a mongrel breed
Mud Mixed Races Black/White mix, or white women who date black men
Mullato Mixed Races Black/White mix, usually. The Spanish "Mullato" translates to "like a mule." Could refer to any mixed breed.
Mutt Mixed Races Any mix of races. The regular use of 'mutt' refers to dogs of mixed breed.
Newspaper Mixed Races Newspapers are Black & White.
Nigdu Mixed Races Nigger + Hindu. Half black, half Indian. Also an Indian trying to act black.
Niggerican Mixed Races Black/Puerto Rican mix.
Nigook Mixed Races Nigger + gook. Self explanatory.
Nike Mixed Races Nigger + Kike = Nike
Ninky Mixed Races Black/White mix. See Carlton or Zebra. It can be both.
Niptai Mixed Races Japanese/Thailandese
Octoroon Mixed Races A person who is 1/8th Black. Originated by the Spanish in the 14th/15th century as they were very exact in their racial classifications to determine a person's worth in society.
Osrouge Mixed Races Native American/Black mix. Rouge means 'Red' in French.
Pakoniggy Mixed Races Pakistani/Black mix.
Pikajew Mixed Races A Jewish Asian.
Pinky Poop Mixed Races Vietnamese/Black mix. For when Black soldiers had kids with Vietnamese women.
Pinto Mixed Races White/Native American mix. Pinto horses are white and brown.
Pizzabagel Mixed Races Italian/Jewish mix. Popular in New York as Italian and Jewish neighborhoods grew together.
Polarican Mixed Races Polish/Puerto Rican mix.
Polexican Mixed Races Polish/Mexican mix.
Portajew Mixed Races Puerto (Porta) Rican/Jewish mix.
Portawop Mixed Races Portuguese/Italian mix
Puerto Grecan Mixed Races Puerto Rican/Greek Mix. Common racial mix in NY city.
Puke Mixed Races Polish/Ukrainian
Race-Traitor Mixed Races White/Any other race mix. Term used by whites for any person of mixed race or who marries a non-white..
Racial Slurry Mixed Races Self-Explanatory
Rasta Fazoul Mixed Races Jamaican/Italian. Pasta Fazoul mixed with Rastafarian.
Rice Cracker Mixed Races Asian/White mix
Roo Mixed Races Russian Jew
Scap Mixed Races Scottish/Japanese mix.
Skunk Mixed Races White/Black mix
Soggy Cracker Mixed Races White/Mexican. Wetback and Cracker.
Soup Mixed Races A person who has many different races in his blood.
Spegro Mixed Races Spanish/Black mix.
Spew Mixed Races Spanish/Jewish mix.
Spickaboo Mixed Races Mexican/Black mix. Derived from 'Spic' and 'Jigaboo.'
Spicracker Mixed Races Hispanic/White mix.
Spicy Cracker Mixed Races White/Mexican mix
Spigger Mixed Races Hispanics/Black mix. Combination of 'Spic' and 'Nigger.'
Spike Mixed Races Jewish and Hispanic, Spic + Kike = Spike
Spink Mixed Races Spanish/Chinese mix. Combination of 'Spic' and 'Chink.'
Spizzician Mixed Races Hispanic/Guatemalan mix. Pronounced "spizzz-ik-ien."
Swap Mixed Races Italian/Mexican. Spic + Wop
Swirlie Mixed Races Black/White mix.
Tiger Mixed Races Thai/Black. Thai + nigger. An equivalent to eggplant. Originating from Tiger Woods racial heritage.
Trisket Mixed Races Mexican/White; A brown cracker.
TWO-TONE Mixed Races Self Explanatory
Vinegar Mixed Races Black/Vietnamese. (Vi-nigger)
WetBlack Mixed Races Mexican/Black mix
Wexican Mixed Races White/Mexican mix.
White-wash Mixed Races To be White-washed is to lose all culture after coming to the United States; also "bleached."
Won Ton Parmesan Mixed Races Asian/Italian mix
Wopalock Mixed Races Italian/Polish mix -- Wop + Polock
Wopski Mixed Races Italian/Polish mix
Yape Mixed Races Condensed form of Yard Ape. Applies towards Blacks or Mexicans. Blacks sit out in the yard to keep cool. Mexicans are gardeners, thus always in the yard as well.
Zambo Mixed Races Indian/African mix.
Zebra Mixed Races Black/White mix. Relates the colors of a person's parents to the colors of a zebra's stripes.